John Minas, 55 years ago was the initiator and entrepreneurial spirit behind the “mother-company” of the current one, which is known with the trade name “Minopta”. The continuous development of that initial company, allowed to Adamantia Mina to overtake the already established and highly reputable company in order to drive it to further expansion and success as she actually did. The new “Minopta” is focusing in Optics and Ophthalmic & Surgical equipment establishment in the Greek market. Penetrating the market with only innovative products, by collaborating with world industry leaders, nowadays the Minopta Company imports products from 24 companies from 10 countries around the world!
As a result, our company is one of the Leaders in Greek Ophthalmic and Optic Business and we have installed and support more than 1.000 private offices in this territory.

Minopta team


Our main activities are around the supply of hospitals, clinics, operation rooms and private offices with equipment, mostly optical-related. Since the year 2010, the company operates in the Surgical field as well.
Our successful respond to the needs of our clientele is happening thanks also to our internal structure of our company, which comprises by the following Depts:

Minopta team


  • Dynamic and personalized relationship with our customers, drive to an active reach highly satisfied clientele .
  • Highly qualified and constantly trained employees are co-creators of a productive spirit of teamworking in the company.
  • Exclusive Representation of a wide range of established Brands in the field of the equipment for medical offices.
  • Active Presence in Public Tenders and all Greek Congresses.
  • Dynamic Development of the Company in all aspects.
  • Attraction and close relationship with highly specialized external partners in several fields.


The marketing department, operates according two strategic scopes: The Enhancement and further Development of R&D of both, products and services.
The building of relationships of mutual satisfaction with our clients is for us Strategic priority. In order to implement this, our internal employees as well as the external partners, the responsible for the 360o Communication are working in great cooperation.


Our dedication and commitment to the high quality and international standards of delivering our services, makes us consistent to the guidelines and the prerequisites set by the International Standardisation and Bodies of Quality Reassurance. Thus, our company operates in accordance to the EN ISO 9001: 2015, and EN ISO EN ISO 13485: 2016, ISO14001:2015, since 2000 and according to the Decision 1348/04 of the Greek Ministry for Health and Welfare by TUV HELLAS.

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